Percentage of the population aged 25 to 64 who hold a degree or certificate, for the state as a whole and disaggregated by demographic groups and regions


Numerator: Number of population age 25-64 holding a degree or certificate by award level.

Denominator: Total population age 25-64.

Disaggregation: Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Geographic Region


Award Levels (ACS-PUMS)
Geographical Region


Public Use Micro-Data Sample American Community Survey

Limitations and Issues:

-ACS does not ask information about post-secondary certificates. These awards are included in the “Less than Associate’s” category.
Alternative Geographic:
1. Missouri 110th Congressional Districts
a. Detailed tables: same educational categories but only age group 25+
b. Detailed tables: same age group 25-64, but educational categories are less than HS, HS diploma, some college or associate’s, and Bachelor’s or higher

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