Number of transfer students who graduate from any institution with a baccalaureate degree


Numerator: Number of degree seeking, first-time transfer students in a fall enrollment cohort (EMSAS enrollment file) completing a baccalaureate within the next four years (EMSAS completions file)

Denominator: All degree seeking, first-time transfer students in an EMSAS fall enrollment file cohort.

Disaggregation: Institutional sector from which students transferred


Transfer Student: A first-time degree-seeking undergraduate student at a postsecondary institution whom had previously (and non-concurrently) been enrolled and completed at least 12 hours at another postsecondary institution. This definition would exclude dual credit students, whom should not be considered first-time students as they are not yet “postsecondary”, and should exclude “summer students” whom should be degree-seeking only at their primary institution.

Degree, Bachelor’s
Degree/Certificate-seeking student
First Time Student


EMSAS Completions and Term Registration

Limitations and Issues:

Currently available data would provide data only on transfer to Missouri public institutions. No information on Independents.
Further Decision points:
1) Information on Independents and completions on out of state institutions could be accomplished using a) new reporting from Independents or, b) National Student Clearinghouse data for Independents and Out of State institutions.

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