Pass rates on licensure and certification examinations


Numerator: Number of completers who received a passing score on a “licensure and/or certification exam that is scored pass/fail”.

Denominator: Total number of completers who took a “licensure and/or certification exam that is scored pass/fail”.

Disaggregation: Institutional sector, award level, test name, licensure/certification area (currently not collected)


Licensure and certification exams: examples?, fields?
Award Levels (EMSAS)
Institutional Sector


Performance indicators Survey

Limitations and Issues:

The Performance Indicators survey does not currently collect information disaggregating data by specific program of study, with the exception of teacher education.
Institutions have expressed concerns that these data are not comprehensive; certain disciplines incorporate certification exams which are not required for graduation, and these exams may either not be completed by students, or be taken elsewhere after completion and employment.
Less than one-year certificates are currently not included in the Performance Indicators survey.
Data is reported for completers who may have taken the assessment at any time during their academic career.

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