Developmental student success rate in collegiate-level courses


New Data Collection
Numerator: Number of students in denominator who completed college level courses with an A, B, C, and P grades.

Denominator: Total number of students previously enrolled in the highest level developmental course in academic area who then enrolled in related college level course.


Highest Level Developmental course: Many institutions have multiple developmental courses in each field designed for students deficient in the general competencies necessary for a regular postsecondary curriculum. This measure refers to the final or highest level course in the developmental sequence of prepatory coursework.


New Data Collection (NCCBP?), EMSAS

Limitations and Issues:

- Measure as currently defined (primary or alternate) would not resolve comparability issues inherent in differences in local remedial / developmental placement policies. Differences also exist in the structure of remedial / developmental course hierarchies across institutions that would potentially impact this measure.
- Alternative EMSAS method: Measure would analyze fall enrollment of first-time students in developmental mathematics, writing, or reading coursework. Measure would further analyze the number / percentage of those students who completed a certain number of credit-bearing courses in any discipline within a set period of time (e.g. 12 credits).
- This measure could be accomplished through an aggregate report mirroring NCCBP or through unit record addition to EMSAS.

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