Same year fall college attendance rates of spring Missouri high school graduates


2009 Reporting
DESE publishes postsecondary enrollment / graduate follow-up from all Missouri public high schools.

Data are currently based on aggregate surveys of follow-up of spring graduates:

  • Entering a 4yr. College/University
  • Entering a 2yr. College/University
  • Entering a Post-Secondary (Non-college) Institution
  • Entering the Work Force
  • Entering the Military
  • Entering Some Other Field
  • Status Unknown

DESE has begun collecting unit-record high school graduation data from public schools that should eventually enable graduate follow-up analysis of public high school graduates into public Missouri colleges and universities.
Numerator: Number of spring high school graduates from Missouri public schools who enroll in Missouri public institutions (EMSAS)(this could be expanded to Independents and out of state with the use of National Student Clearinghouse data)

Denominator: Number of spring high school graduates from Missouri public schools (MOSIS)




Limitations and Issues:

Changes from Previous Version of Methodology

- NCHEMS method dropped because of significant time lag
- NCCBP dropped as imprecise measurement of indicator

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