Percentage of the population and number of students aged over the age of 24 enrolled in postsecondary education, disaggregated by demographic group


Numerator: Number of population over the age of 24 enrolled in post-secondary education

Denominator: Total Population of individuals over the age of 24.

Disaggregation: Public/Private, Undergraduate/Graduate, Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Geographic Region (see discussion on 1A1)


Enrolled Student: (ACS) is attending a “regular” public or private college in the past three months where regular advances an individual to a degree. Enrollment in “vocational, technical, or business school” were not included as enrolled in a “regular” school.


Public Use Microdata Sample-American Community Survey (PUMS-ACS)

Limitations and Issues:


Changes from Previous version of Methodology

CPS method dropped for preferred categories from ACS and small sample size

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