Number of direct educational partnerships with Missouri employers, including MBEs


New Data Collection
Number of direct educational partnerships

Disaggregation: Institutional Sector Partner, Minority Business Enterprises

Currently available data does not enable reliable measurement of this indicator. New data collection would be required, as well as further definition of “direct educational partnerships.” One potential example, depending upon further definition, might be a nursing program that is housed within the physical location of a hospital, and available only to the employees of the hospital. The Regional Technical Education Council (RTEC) survey currently collects information from Missouri community colleges and Linn State Technical College detailing annual enrollment in Missouri Community College New Jobs Training Program, Customized, and Contract training programs, although this information would presumably be utilized for reporting associated with indicator 1Ea.


Further detail required.
Institutional Sector


RTEC, New Collection

Limitations and Issues:

Data is currently collected only from community colleges and Linn State Technical College. The Department of Economic Development (DED), or additional survey data may provide information on training conducted by public four-year institutions and Missouri State University – West Plains. Depending upon definitions, additional data would be required to capture other “direct educational partnerships”, e.g. internships, clinicals, practicums, field experiences, cooperatives, service learning, research relationships, or special projects with employers. No current data specifically captures partnerships with MBEs.

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