Number of METS-related degree and certificate recipients who transferred from a community college


Numerator: number of undergraduate METS completers at Missouri public 4 year institutions who transferred from a Missouri 2 year institution in the past 6 years.

Denominator: Total number of undergraduate METS completers at Missouri public 4 year institutions.

(information from Independent and Out of State institutions require use of National Student Clearinghouse)

Disaggregation: Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Award Level


Transfer Student: Various definitions exist. A transfer student might be defined as a degree-seeking undergraduate student at a postsecondary institution whom had previously (and non-concurrently) been enrolled as a first-time degree-seeking student at another postsecondary institution. This definition would exclude dual credit students, whom should be considered first-time students as they are not yet “postsecondary”, and should exclude “summer students” whom should be degree-seeking only at their primary institution. Federal financial aid eligibility may create some incentive for students to declare themselves as degree-seeking at concurrent institutions, but this would not likely create meaningful error in statewide or sector-based data.

Award Levels (IPEDS)
Degree/Certificate-seeking student
Institutional Sector
METS Related Fields


EMSAS Completions and Term Registration

Limitations and Issues:

- Currently available data would provide data only on transfer among Missouri public institutions.
- Some further discussion required regarding the reporting of transfer from two- to four-year institutions, as well as among four-year institutions
- Threshold required?: Minimum hours to be completed at sending institution (e.g. 12) and maximum time-to-degree for completion at receiving institution would be yet to be determined.

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