Per capita state appropriations for public higher education compared to contiguous states and the national average


Numerator: Total State Appropriations for Higher Education
Denominator: Population of the state of Missouri (PUMS-ACS)
Disaggregation: Institutional Sector, surrounding state, national average
SHEEO annual State Higher Education Finance (SHEF) report includes a measure of state higher education support per capita. Data is reported by state. Further detail is required regarding SHEEO methodology.


State appropriations for Higher Education-Total: Revenue set aside by legislative body as detailed in the Missouri Higher Education Funding formula for core institutional mission expenses (operating), strategic initiatives, and performance funding. This measure does not include capital appropriations.

Higher Education Support: State and local tax and non-tax support for public and independent higher education. Includes special purpose appropriations for research-agricultural-medical. Source: SHEEO SHEF

Institutional Sector
Surrounding States



Limitations and Issues:

SHEEO reporting would provide the most consistently available baseline and interstate comparative data, but does not appear to restrict the denominator in this indicator to state appropriations (local support included). This indicator also includes support for independent institutions; further exploration is required to determine whether state grants and scholarships are included in this measure.

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