SHEEO Assessment Survey Report 2008

Title: SHEEO Assessment Survey Report

Author/Publisher: SHEEO

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In 2008 SHEEO, with the help of Peter Ewell, fielded a survey to determine state level activity and policy concerning student learning assessment. 32 of 50 state higher education offices responded. This report and survey summarizes the data and information discovered.
“Preliminary survey results show some interesting patterns, although no generalizations across all 50 states are yet possible. Clearly, among the responding states, postsecondary learning assessments are an important state activity at the state or system/sector level (30 of 32 responding states, with 29 of these involved in multiple assessment roles). Institutions, national associations, and accreditors are increasingly active proponents of learning assessment, but links between institution-based assessments and state-level activities are not clear or consistent. The three most common collegiate-level learning assessments (CAAP, CLA and MAPP) show mixed patterns of adoption, while institution-developed or managed assessments are widely but not uniformly used.”

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