Technical Manual Index
Goal 1: Missouri’s higher education system will improve educational attainment, including certificate and degree production at all levels, to enhance the quality of Missouri’s workforce and the quality of life of its residents.
1A Increase the percent of Missouri residents who possesses a postsecondary credential.
1A.1 Percentage of the population aged 25 to 64 who hold a degree or certificate, for the state as a whole and disaggregated by demographic groups and regions
1A.2 Number of transfer students who graduate from any institution with a baccalaureate degree
1A.3 Increases in personal income from degree attainment
1A.A Number of postsecondary credit hours delivered
1A.B Number of degrees and certificates awarded, disaggregated by demographic groups
1A.C Cohort analysis of persistence from fall semester to fall semester
1B Missouri’s system of higher education will become more affordable to more Missourians.
1B.1 Percentage of family income required to pay for college after grant and scholarship aid by income quintiles
1B.2 Total student financial aid awarded to Missouri students from all sources including both restricted and unrestricted institutional funds
1B.A Missouri resident on-time FAFSAs files by income and EFC level
1B.B Percent change in state appropriations for higher education
1.1C Missouri’s higher education system will demonstrate continual improvement or sustained excellence in student learning outcomes.
1C1 Results of assessments of student learning in general education (Institutions will be provided the option of using national normed tests and/or participation in an MDHE administered project involving samples of student work evaluated by a statewide committee of faculty) Data generated should serve dual purposes of accountability, ie, demonstration of learning gains, and improvement, ie, use by faculty to make changes in curriculum content and delivery
1C2 Results of assessments of student learning of major fields
1C3 Pass rates on licensure and certification examinations
1C4 Developmental student success rate in collegiate-level courses
1CA Results of student engagement and/or satisfaction surveys
1D Increase college attendance rate of high school students.
1D1 Same year fall college attendance rates of spring Missouri high school graduates
1D2 Percentage of the population and number of students aged 18 to 24 enrolled in postsecondary education, disaggregated by demographic group
1DA Percent of Missouri 9th graders who take the ACT within four years
1DB Percent of Missouri high school graduates enrolled in postsecondary education that were placed in remedial coursework
1DC College attendance rates of the 9th grade cohort of Missouri students, disaggregated by demographic group
1E Increase college attendance rate of non-traditional students.
1E1 Percentage of the population, and number of students over the age of 24 enrolled in postsecondary education, disaggregated by demographic group
1EA Enrollment in New Jobs Training, Customized Training, and related training programs

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